Tree Removal

Tree removal is a service Ford Tree Service can expertly carry out. Many property owners often avoid having trees removed because they can’t determine when a tree may be headed for danger or on its last legs. While removing a tree that has become unsightly is a no brainer, we can help you determine when an otherwise “healthy” appearing tree might benefit from removal.  When a tree has become sick and rendered a potential problem, that’s when Ford will come in, to safely remove the tree.

Like humans, trees can easily fall victim to disease and infection. If left untreated, these issues can spiral out of control and effectively take over the tree’s overall health. In this case, it’s best to get in front of the problem and remove the tree, before it has the chance to succumb to death. We can not only remove these trees, but teach our clients the warning signs to look for, and learn to recognize the differences between when it’s time to rehabilitate a tree, versus when it’s time to extract it immediately. The best thing you can do for your landscape’s long-term health is to learn as much as you can about the plant and tree varieties in your lawn. We can provide all the necessary tree-related information.

In certain circumstances, tree removal can be carried out due to aesthetic preference. However, even aesthetic driven removals can, if left untreated, become more serious. For example, the growth patterns of a tree are essential to a tree’s overall health. If a tree starts to grow in strange, warped ways, there’s likely a deeper issue at play. A tree with uneven growth can start to affect your yard’s ecosystem in a larger way. Taking into consideration that a tree with unbalanced growth can shade a significant portion of your lawn, leaving the plants under the shade coverage, constantly blocked from the sun. This is why we perform a thorough diagnostics of your yard, so we can determine which trees are in optimal health, and which trees are potentially hazardous to your yard’s overall health.

One common hazard that property owners encounter, is when their trees start to grow in a compromising or obstructed position. This can occur on account of a few different issues, but trees are usually either planted incorrectly from the beginning or rendered an issue after a storm. Regardless of how it came to be, it’s important to take care of these trees as soon as possible. If left untreated, they can cause structural interference on your home, or to communal power lines. In certain circumstances, removing a tree may be done to prevent further issues down the line. Perhaps the most popular reason for tree removal occurs when a tree has fallen irreversibly ill. Canker diseases are incredibly popular in nearly all species of trees and can ravage a tree to the point where it can no longer heal itself. 

We assess the overall health of your trees and can often just trim a tree vs removal.  From there we can give our professional opinion regarding which course of action is most beneficial. Regardless, we approach every job with a safety-first mentality.

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