Stump Grinding & Removal

Stump grinding is a service we offer to our clients, usually, in tandem with tree removal. Our clients don’t always realize that the stump is its own entity. It will often require an involved removal itself. Luckily, in most cases, stump grinding doesn’t have to be incredibly invasive. It usually doesn’t have any negative effects on your overall landscape as a whole. Typically, post tree removal, you will be tasked with also eliminating the stump. The aesthetic reasons to remove a stump are pretty obvious. Usually, they only serve as gigantic eyesores and detract from an otherwise beautiful landscape. While visual reasons remain the main catalyst for removal, there are potential downsides to keeping a stump in-tact.

Overtime stumps can provide ideal breeding grounds for all types of pests. This can quickly get out of control, and before you know it your stump is being overtaken by pests such as insects, bees, and termites. If left untreated, these little pests can cause big-time problems for your lawn. They can also potentially translate to other areas of your lawn, causing bigger invasions in doing so. It’s much better to eliminate a stump before it gets taken over, as opposed to the aftermath where pests prove rather large nuisances. 

Our stump grinding process is designed to help prevent further issues from occurring, and in doing so, removes any excess leftovers that resulted from the previous tree removal. We effectively and safely extract any potential hazards, while also carefully working with your lawn so it remains as unaffected as possible. Furthermore, we only use the best quality equipment the industry has to offer. We strongly believe that optimal machinery helps us further avoid any costly missteps on our part. Our highly trained tree specialists are prepared to take on any tree stump, regardless of size, severity, and current condition. We will gladly come in and remove your stumps, even if we weren’t the company that initially removed the tree from which it came. Our main goal is to leave your yard healthy and immaculate upon completion.

Like most services we provide, the process is relatively similar. We will have our highly competent team survey your space. From there we can better gauge just how involved the job will be, and what the best technique for removal is. Usually, most jobs are easy enough for us to undertake, but even the more severe and impacted stumps are no match for our highly certified arborists. As with most jobs, we will ask you to provide further context at the time of your appointment. This will help us further determine how to go about your project. 

The two main methods we use to remove stumps are as follows. We can either grind the stump down into the ground, successfully embedding it into your soil. This is typically the preferred method and is less disruptive to any plants and grasses that might surround your tree. However, if necessary, we can completely extract a tree stump, effectively stripping its roots and any debris left behind. Both techniques are effective, although we will recommend which course of action, we believe is best. 

As usual, we can enact our services in both residential and/or commercial properties. We are prepared to do so in a way that is efficient and doesn’t cause any potential grief for your neighbors. 

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