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Tree Service in Grands Rapid, MI

Ford Tree Service LogoFor over a decade, Ford Tree Service has been proudly serving Grand Rapids, Michigan, and its surrounding areas. Our proven track record of excellence has, in turn, made us the only tree service Grand Rapids, MI residents can trust without question. We work diligently to ensure that our client’s needs always remain our top priority. We’re here to help you bring your landscape vision to life, at a price that won’t leave your wallet reeling.

While we are more than confident that our work speaks for itself, you can easily access countless positive reviews of our company’s work via the internet. Trusted websites like Home Advisor, Yelp, and Google, showcase our outstanding track record. Above all else, we understand the importance of having our client’s needs prioritized. From start to finish, we allow you to have complete control of the process. We won’t so much as trim a tree branch, without your prior consent and signal to “go ahead.” To stay industry competitive, we are constantly upgrading our technology, including everything from technique to the equipment we use. We would be honored to demonstrate to you why we remain the undisputed Grand Rapids tree service of choice. 

About Your Hometown Tree Experts

Ford Tree Service began as a small grassroots operation, first opening its doors for business back in 2000. In the subsequent two decades, we have successfully grown our business, meanwhile creating and upholding a time-honored reputation of excellence. This furthermore has allowed us the opportunity to solidify ourselves as the most trusted tree service Grand Rapids, MI has to offer. Ford Tree Services was founded by two Grand Rapids locals, as a result, we proudly offer and provide employment opportunities for many in our community. Additionally, we believe in adhering to preservation efforts to ensure Grand Rapids remains a safe and beautiful place for generations to come. This includes staying up to date on sustainable practices, to help eliminate our carbon footprint. 

Nevertheless, we never compromise quality when it comes to our services. What began as a simple tree removal company, has blossomed into a comprehensive landscape operation, providing our clients with everything from complete storm cleanup to tree removal Grand Rapids locals can depend on. We believe that the success of a company is contingent on hiring employees who are highly skilled and certified. We give all of our employees’ extensive training, predicated on a safety-first operations model. Our tree experts, and certified arborists, all have at least three years of prior experience before hiring on with us. Furthermore, all of our tree experts are licensed, insured, and qualified to work on your property, whether it’s residential and/or commercial. No job is too complex or intricate for our team of highly experienced team members to take on. We are your one-stop-shop for all your Grand Rapids tree service needs.


Our Services

Below you will find a list detailing our most popular services. As always, we can provide you with more information when you call to schedule an appointment. We are happy to answer any questions and address any potential concerns. 

Picture of our tree climber using a chainsaw for tree trimming in Grand Rapids, MITree Removal: When it comes to basic tree removal Grand Rapids, MI residents have been enlisting our help for years. Tree removal is often significantly underutilized by property owners. Often times, people become complacent with the trees in their yard, especially if they don’t seemingly pose an immediate threat. However, tree removal isn’t just important to undergo after a storm, or when a tree appears to be visibly deteriorating. A tree may very well need to be removed long before it starts becoming unsightly. That’s why we will do a thorough assessment when we come to your home or commercial property. Our experts are trained to see the warning signs and give you a comprehensive rundown to help you choose the best course of action. Whatever the reason, Ford Tree Service is prepared to remove any tree from your yard, regardless of size, and species. We will carefully and successfully dispose of any tree in your yard.  Ford’s is the tree removal Grand Rapids, MI trusts for quality tree care. 

Tree Trimming: If left unattended, trees can easily succumb to all sorts of issues, particularly, overgrowth. Overgrowth is naturally one of the most widespread issues found in trees, and as a result, is often neglected because it doesn’t always appear threatening. Overgrowth can pave the way for a multitude of different issues, ranging from an unpleasant physical appearance to a larger issue with external and/or internal decline of the tree’s overall health. That’s why we work meticulously to give our clients the best tree trimming Grand Rapids has to offer. Many of our competitors favor rapid work, as opposed to assessing a tree’s overall health, and subsequently finding the best way to treat overgrowth. After all, tree trimming is a delicate science, and reputable arborists understand the importance of trimming a tree correctly. Trimming a tree correctly ensures it will recalibrate successfully, and thus promote healthy and balanced growth. We offer the most comprehensive services for the best tree trimming Grand Rapids residents can depend on. That includes offering our services at a price point that won’t leave your wallet bleeding.   Call the tree trimming Grand Rapids, MI trusts for beautiful landscape trees. 

Stump Grinding (and removing): Stump grinding goes hand in hand with tree removal, as you will almost always be tasked with extracting a stump after you remove a tree. Following tree removal, you will find yourself needing to remove lots of physical pieces, the largest of which will almost always be the stump. While stumps won’t necessarily be hazardous to your yard, they can certainly get in the way. Rather than have to constantly work around a stump, or be bothered by its unsightly appearance, we can grind it down and completely eliminate its presence. When it comes to stump grinding, there are two major methods typically implemented. The first of which involves grinding the remains below the surface of the soil, effectively eliminating it from your yard. The alternative consists of extracting the tree, digging it out, and effectively destroying any potential root systems. As you might imagine, stump grinding into the soil is typically less disruptive to your yard as a whole, particularly in residential settings. Our experts will recommend the best course of action after assessing your yard. 

Storm Damage Cleanup: Us Grand Rapids residents are no stranger to weathering a severe storm. Furthermore, anyone who’s lived through a major storm can attest to the often-catastrophic conditions that will effortlessly uproot trees and other large structures. Following a storm, you may find that your lawn has been left in horrific condition. At best, your lawn looks unsightly, and at worst, you may have potential hazards on your hand if left untreated. Compromised trees can cause a potential threat to the overall well being of your landscape, and if a tree is found lodged in a certain position, it can ultimately wreak havoc on your property if it further moves. High winds often go hand in hand with storms, sometimes reaching speeds of up to 25 mph. These high winds can effectively rip even gigantic trees right out of the ground. In this case, what can you do?

As soon as it’s safe to do so, we can come to your property post-storm and give you an assessment. We work quickly to diagnose any potential problems you are facing and initialize the cleanup process almost instantly. We can safely clean up almost any wreckage and debris left behind. We do ask that if you have a downed power line to call your power provider immediately.

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Other Services Available

While tree removal has decidedly been our most utilized service, we are prepared to offer all sorts of comprehensive lawn care to our clients. This includes but is not limited to: 

Land Clearing

Lot Clearing

Brush Removal

Wood Chipping

While we often focus on the removal of unwanted parcels and large disruptive trees, we can also provide our clients with several restorative services. This includes the process of planting, fertilizing, and cultivating a healthy space for new trees to grow effectively. We can help revitalize your landscape, and improve its overall health.  We will transition your lawn from overgrown and unhealthy, to refreshed and leveled. The process begins with complete tree removal Grand Rapids residents and business owners alike can utilize for their space. From there, we will assess the specific needs of your landscape, and help decipher which course of action will yield the best long-term results. The overall beautification of your yard can be particularly beneficial if you anticipate you will potentially sell the property in the future. Many home sellers don’t realize how much a pristine yard can affect a home’s value. Whatever the case may be, we are dedicated to giving our clients all the facts and necessary recommendations that can help them make an informed choice.  Call the tree service Grand Rapids, MI property owners trust. 

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We will leave your yard in a state of beauty that reflects not only good aesthetics but landscape health. Best of all? We won’t make you break the bank to do so. For more information, call us today. We’ll get an appointment scheduled at our earliest convenience.

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